WHAT IS OTOPLASTY?  An otoplasty is an ear surgery that improves the shape and size of the ear. This creates a natural and balanced look to the ears and face. An Otoplasty effectively corrects large and protruding ears. Depending on the patient’s needs, this may be done for both ears. Some children have one ear that is affected and may require surgery on one side.

The ears protrude out because the “Y-shaped” bend (called the Crura of Antihelix) of the ear is missing. During the procedure, two cuts are made, one on the front and one on the back of the ear. This gives the ears the “Y” they were missing.

This outpatient surgery may be performed as early as 5 years of age. Patients need to wear a headband for one month post-operatively and must refrain from sports and strenuous physical activity for 6 weeks post-operatively.

WHAT WOULD YOU SHARE WITH PARENTS WHO ARE TRYING TO HELP THEIR CHILDREN MAKE THIS DIFFICULT DECISION? “If your child voices the need and understands what the surgery entails then it should not be a difficult decision. Once my daughter read My Funny Ears, she felt more at ease.  I think the visual is a great tool to help the patient understand what will happen.”

WHAT DID YOU FIND MOST HELPFUL DURING SURGERY? “The tools for recovery were simple (headband) and explained in depth pre and post-surgery”

picture of the human ear