Christine Stiles, MD

Dr. Christine Stiles – Plastiks for Kids

Dr. Christine Stiles is a Plastic Surgeon who practices in Frisco, Texas. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to be a doctor. She grew up in New York City and attended Manhattan College. Because she loved working with children, she went to medical school at The State University of New York at Buffalo with the intention of becoming a Pediatrician. Following graduation, she began a residency in pediatric medicine at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Here she became interested in the field of plastic surgery. Upon completion of her pediatric residency, she trained in general surgery and plastic surgery at The University of Pennsylvania. She dedicates her practice to helping children and adults improve their self confidence and self esteem and live happier lives. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children.

Dr. Stiles explaining otoplasty to kids